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Close Friend: 1x4

Just One Life

“Peam just heartbroken from a faculty belle, Shereen, so he groaned with his best friend; XiaoPing because he didn’t understand why he is so unlucky in love. XiaoPing suggested to go for superstition (Mooteloo)and told Peam that it because of a sin and if he doesn’t fix it, he may not find love in a whole lifetime. Peam agreed to go with XiaoPing. XiaoPing take Peam to one famous holy place about praying for love or asking for soulmate. While Peam is praying, XiaoPing keep his eyes on Peam all the time. XiaoPing asked Peam to pray follow him. Peam do as he’s told. When Peam open his eyes, XiaoPing is standing in front of him and make him feel spark. The right person is just so close to him. Peam starts screaming that XiaoPing must have done something wrong that why he still not back with Shereen as wish. XiaoPing secretly said Ouch! in mind because he intended to pray for himself and it really worked. “

Close Friend: 1×4
May. 13, 2021

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