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Close Friend: 1x3

Willing or Not

“Mini; young skinny freshmen and not good in sports but it’s a freshman’s responsibility to participate in a certain sport. He is the only one who has to go to a judo club that no one wants to join because there is only one member named “Titan”; a senior guy who is a black belt in National Judo Champion. Titan started teaching the basics as Mini was so weak and had zero skill in sport. Even though Mini tried to escape, he didn’t get away with it. Finally, Titan has gone soft and said that if Mini trains enough until throws him only once, he will let Mini free. Successfully, Mini practiced hard and was able to throw Titan down. Titan didn’t tell Mini the fact that he pretended to surrender to Mini easily because he accidentally felt more about Mini than his senior, junior. “

Close Friend: 1×3
May. 06, 2021

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