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Close Friend: 1x2

Just Friend

“I met him on a rainy day. I was lying in a cardboard box, lonely, cold, and hungry. Then, a standing man with an umbrella took me out of the box. Since that day, I have a new name called “Moo Joom”. My slave, his name is “P’Sin”. We are close friends except for the shower time. I always wake him up at 8.00 a.m. then, he will feed me, turn music on, sit down and work. I follow him everywhere, everywhere in the square room, just two of us in the room. I have been living with him for 3 years until I’m a young cat, but he doesn’t look older. One day, P’Sin brings one female to the room and I feel like don’t want her to mess with him. I don’t like it but don’t know how to say to P’Sin that I love him even though I’m a cat but I love him. Sighhhhh! I’m anxious. I’d better go to sleep and curl up with P’Sin. I’m just a cat … that’s enough. “

Close Friend: 1×2
Apr. 29, 2021

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