HIStory: 2x9

Crossing the Line #01

He Cheng Hen and Zi Xuan, respectively captain and manager of the School’s volleyball team pick interest in Xia Yu Hao after they see him effortlessly leap over a fence when trying to get away from the school director. He Cheng Hen begins a relentless chase after Xia Yu Hao in an attempt to recruit him for the team. After causing a ruckus in class, Xia Yu Hao is ordered to join the volleyball team by the coach. Zi Xuan goes to look for Xia Yu Hao after he misses training and finds out he’s working part-time at a dangerous club. He steps in to take a beating for Xia Yu Hao, indefinitely catching his attention.

HIStory: 2×9
Mar. 06, 2018

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