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Old Fashion Cupcake: 1x4

Episódio 4

Kirishima, a contemporary of Nozue’s who expresses her interest for Nozue but ends up getting rejected, is set on organizing a gathering with the aim of bringing Togawa and her colleague, Ochi, who secretly admires Togawa, together. Although Nozue is strictly against the idea of Togawa participating in the gathering, Nozue ultimately joins the party with Togawa. Upon seeing Togawa and Ochi enjoy a friendly conversation, Nozue is left feeling uncomfortable. The next day, when Togawa wakes up, he finds Nozue at his home. It turns out that Nozue carried Togawa home after the gathering and was too tired to return back. As the two souls come closer, a feeling of affection begins to spread in the air.

Old Fashion Cupcake: 1×4
Old Fashion Cupcake: 1×4
Old Fashion Cupcake: 1×4
Jun. 27, 2022

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